Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Friday, March 13, 2009


this blog will not be update anymore.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a story

In a Half year time,
the guy has lost every precious things - Love, Health
He turned all the loves into hates.

2months ago,
The guy met the the gal after a period of time.
Surprisingly, the guy found that his loves never decrease.
Once and once, the guy been cheated.
Once and once, the guy never give up, keeping on forgive her.
Even numb himself to trust her, let her be.

The guy never wishing for anything.
Loving the gal with truly heart,
only request smiles from the gal.
Turning his loves into tears but no one knows.

The guy getting more and more unsecure,
getting less confidence in love,
never hope been cheated anymore,
because he knows how to love a person well,
also hoping of being loved.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


  付出真心 才会得到真心
  保持距离 就能保护自己
  有时候 不是对方不在乎你

  就算是believe 中间也藏了一个lie



  冷漠 有时候并不是无情

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's not Smoothie

Recently, crazy in parties, clubbies although school has opened.
Stress is released at that particular moments only.
When back to alone , I still facing those problems alone.

That's the risks.

I am scared.

What a bad luck?
Stupid "Kaki"

I got my baby something new on.
for the sake of cheers myself up a bit.

Set of component speaker.
{ Is a good idea, lying down in the car, enjoying those songs,
treat the world only left u n the music }

Inner car light
( coz been complained owes ,
dude not need use phone light to find things anymore )

Car plate light
( yellow --> white )
[ just for the sake of being a whitie ]

the wooden look designed cover in my car has been taken off.
guess will be a better look.
tmr it will be done.
therefore my baby look like been raped.
Oops. sorry babe.

p/s : I hate Digi keep sending stupid update msg.
I hate receiving msgs that ask me to dl porns.
YES. I admit I do look like Porn Addict.
But doesnt mean I will desperate till go and dl??
Fuck Off!
My Fat bro introduced me a nice blog ok?
not need to scare got virus!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Liar defines as a human being who lies..

For no reasons,
I dislike the feelings been cheated.
Maybe I should say I HATE it a lot.
I say this doesnt mean I don't cheat.
I do.. but.. just couldnt stand the feelings of been cheated.

Maybe that's your kind cheat,
just to make me feel any better?
But you never can imagine how easy am I know the fact.

Maybe if I didnt step out from my house,
I would find out.
Maybe until the day I buried in the soil,
I also won know.
Maybe this is what God wants me to know.

Maybe you should blame how small is Miri.
How big mouths are those friends beside me.
But just dunno why is really easy to know where are you.

Totally agree with one of my brat's blog.
" Feelings dun cheat, but human cheat "

My feelings towards you never cheat.
But I always been cheat.
Sorry. treat me as a small gas.
Sorry, my blog is the only way to let me release.

I thought alcohol and clubs can still be the medicine for me.
but after tonight , I guess is not working on me anymore.
Walking back to the same path road,
I feel myself are getting more tough.
but human is still a human being.
hard to take those hard feelings turning up and down in your body,
just like how the blood in your body.

An adviser would say,
go and get a friend lend you their ears.
for me, it is aint working anymore.
It won makes u any better,
in another way you will just make people around you worry you more.
soon, you will be named as Attention Seeker.

Since the problem is here,
treat it as a mission that God gives me.
Learn from the mistake,
figure out the rights and wrongs.
Is all depends on me. Me. Only me.
But I know I still not capable enough to settle these.

What to do?
Ignore everything and just get to another brand new place
and start overall again? aint a way.. The pasts will still stick with you.

I guess the ways is get yourself lost memory.
or makes yourself into "Zi wu ren"
Haha..ignore me. I only dare to say those childish thinking.
Ya.. treat me as I am childish.
I wont blame you cause people who not in my shoes,
won know my feelings.

The night is still young for clubbers.
but the night for me is always quiet and lonely.
Commonly, the more people get hurt , the easier they walk away.
But who knows when comes to me.
I will say the more I get hurt, the more I love you.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lonely Wei

I wish I can type chinese in my blog but my laptop do not have chinese star and I am damn idiot in using anything which is related to electronic..even dvd remote control i oso got bit susah..BUT, actually is jsut because of i dun wan to learn la..but cant blame me oso coz when i was a kid, been electric "SOT" dao..damn pain..I cried 3days 3nights..until now my right hand middle finger still have the scar. if u dun believe, ask me to show u lar..

I am so bored tonight. There is no one that i can chat with~ now i knew y one of my monkey everynight go play..make ur life busy n occupied, lonely this word will never appears..As usual, went to have my pool training..( Personal recommends that play at Give Me 5 because Give me 5 snooker is cheaper than Chin's brother snooker. Air more fresh and it is clean coz there is a BIG sign there written rubbish worm will be fined rm10 ) something wrong with me tonight, play wad oso lose..bad luck! Coz of that stupid curtin..didnt build dinding for students..especially commerce students! stupid freaking far parking lots.. Stupid super wu liao security guard standing at parking lot just to dun let students illegal parking..wad oso LAW LAW LAW..damn it. SUPER DUPER HATE CURTIN

Luckily I have my Curtin Crew - Cas, Na, Chard. All blackie car users. Enxin loyal customer. Only know how to order chicken rice and ban mee..nthg else..
April break coming~ wish my kk trip will be ON!